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Gay cinema NRW

The state of NRW proves to the queer community every day anew how versatile "gay" can be lived in today's world. One factor that underscores this claim: the incredibly long list of gay cinemas.

No matter if you want to get to know this exciting world at all or if you are already an inveterate moviegoer: no wishes remain unfulfilled here!

In NRW you have the choice between many different gay cinema variants. In some locations, you can expect a classic flair without a lot of frills. Other operators focus on modernity, versatility and a seemingly endless number of films.

Not only present in the big cities

Due to the comparatively large number of gay cinemas, you - if you live in NRW - rarely have to travel far to the nearest sex cinema. By the way, it is a prejudice that locations of this kind would be found almost exclusively in big cities. In fact - especially in NRW - it is also the smaller places where a gay cinema quickly becomes a popular hot spot.

Most cinemas can be easily reached by public transport (and of course also by car). Especially when the equipment includes not only screens and booths, but possibly also a bar, it always makes sense to think about a safe way home.

What distinguishes high-quality gay cinemas in NRW?

In the vast majority of gay cinemas in NRW, hygiene standards are particularly high. Many locations also display condoms, among other things, and thus help to bring the topic of "safer sex" even further into focus.

Whether or not you enjoy a gay cinema in North Rhine-Westphalia depends above all on whether the respective location suits your personal taste.

Among other things, the selection of films plays an important role. If you have special preferences here, it's always good to opt for a cinema with several thousand selection options. This way, you can select your favorite movie individually - for example, in a booth.

Almost always a highlight: the large cruising areas

Even though you can always have fun alone in a gay cinema in NRW, they are the absolute highlight for many: the cruising areas. Here you have the opportunity, parallel to the film, to have sex with numerous anonymous men.

Of course, a little luck is also part of it. Especially on weekends, however, many gay cinemas are very well attended, so you are sure to find a man who will sweeten the next few hours. And if not, you know - with the appropriate cinematic entertainment - certainly also good to occupy alone.

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