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Gay Cruising Krefeld

Krefeld offers the gay cruising community some popular hotspots for hot dates and various erotic activities. In the city and the surrounding area you can choose between different locations. For example, the Kaiser Wilhelm Park is one of the most visited gay cruising places in Krefeld.

But to experience sexual action there, it makes sense to at least roughly coordinate the timing. Because: when it's raining and temperatures are below 10°C, only a few men usually come to the park. You have the best chances of sex on balmy summer evenings, when the air really crackles with erotic tension.

You prefer to have a roof over your head while gay cruising? No problem! Krefeld also has indoor locations that attract numerous men. For example, the "Blue Movie" has a separate movie theater for gays and several opportunities to unload the pent-up lust.

Hot dates or spontaneous sex?

When it comes to gay cruising in Krefeld, you'll be spoiled for choice. A classic: You can simply go spontaneously to the known gay cruising hotspots and let yourself be surprised. Here you will definitely meet many gay cruisers who are open for a sexual experience with you.

If you prefer to have fun on the spot and do not want to wait, it is recommended to arrange a date. This will save you the search for your "Mr. Right" for erotic moments.

Many different types of men are waiting for you!

You can easily reach Krefeld from many areas by train or car. Therefore, it is not surprising that many different types of men are attracted to the city.

Depending on which appearance and which characters you are into, you will usually find what you are looking for sooner or later. From big Bears to Twinks, every gay type is represented in Krefeld. At the rest stops near the city, such as the Geismühle rest stop and the Hoxhöfe rest stop , you can often find many hot truckers.(Caution. Of course, not every trucker who stops at the relevant rest stops is gay! Please check discreetly!)

Safer sex: more topical than ever!

In classic gay cruising, the sex partners change and after the respective adventure they are often never seen again. Fun of this kind should in no case entail lifelong consequences. Therefore, please always pack enough condoms!

Ever thought of Landau when gay cruising?