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Gay Cruising Berlin

The possibilities that are offered in Berlin and the surrounding area for varied gay cruising Berlin are as diverse as the scene itself. No matter if you like to cruise - at least as good as - in the middle of the city or if you want to have fun a bit off the beaten track. Berlin offers you everything you expect.

In addition, you benefit here from a particularly relaxed community whose members are up for just about any fun. But which places are actually particularly popular with regard to gay cruising Berlin? Are there any special scene highlights?

Central or off the beaten track? Berlin offers both!

You love to have sex anonymously in secluded parks? Then it might be worthwhile to pay a visit to the park at Innsbrucker Platz or Volkspark Friedrichshain in Berlin.

Here you will find many corners where you will surely meet - especially in the late evening hours - your next ONS.

Fancy a very special kick? How about a (sex-) Stell-Dich-Ein in the area of the Siegessäule. Admittedly, this is a meeting place for somewhat braver gays. (Please note in this context, of course, that you should not get caught and hide well. Otherwise you could be charged with "causing a public nuisance").

Who do you meet near Berlin cruising locations?

As already mentioned, the Berlin gay scene is very diverse. Therefore, you will also meet the most diverse characters at the Gay Cruising Berlin. Sometimes rather shy, sometimes very direct, the gays on site ensure that it is guaranteed not boring in parks and other places.

Of course, you can also choose to arrange sex. The easiest way to do this is to use chats. Here the probability is high that you will meet like-minded people with the same (or at least similar) intentions.

Cruising in Berlin - a very special scene highlight

Gay Cruising Berlin is versatile, adventurous and incredibly sexy. You alone decide whether you prefer to have sex in an urban or in a more natural environment. Since there are cruising locations in almost all parts of Berlin, you don't have to travel long distances, depending on where you live.

On the contrary! Another advantage: cruising is just as much a part of life for many gay Berliners as regular visits to the gay sauna.

Therefore, the probability is high that you will find your suitable partners at any time of the year. Should you have liked a sex adventure particularly well, you leave your number. Maybe you both feel like a repeat?

Bielefeld also has a large gay cruising community