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Gay Cruising A57

Gay cruising fans get their money's worth at various locations along the A57. Those who want a special outdoor feeling should visit the Blücherpark, for example. The Dong parking lot and the Geismühle service area offer a classic "dirty sex" atmosphere.

Which parking lot or location is best suited to be "conquered" by you is of course dependent on your personal taste.

If you are unsure, you can simply try them all and find your favorite. However, as different as the locations may be: they have one thing in common! The darker it gets, the "braver" the visitors often become in the end.

Do I have to make an appointment for gay cruising on the A57?

Not necessarily. There are even many men who love to have sex spontaneously insofar as they really let everything come to them. Just as well, however, it is also possible to briefly clarify the respective "marginal data" in advance via chat.

You can drop by at gay cruising locations, such as the Dong parking lot or the Weiler rest area, mostly on the spur of the moment and be comparatively sure that you won't have to wait long for "your luck". If you stop by more often, you'll probably meet the same guys every now and then. Many of them visit here regularly. Partly the most different fetishes are served in this context. Fancy some BDSM? Especially on the weekends and on the A57 many scene goers meet to experience the special kick.

Which gay cruising locations are the best?

Since some of the gay cruising locations on the A57 differ significantly from each other, you can draw from the full range when looking for the area that suits you best. Particularly popular here are the already mentioned Donk parking lot, but also the Blücherpark and the Lohheidesee.

The fact that these places are particularly well visited in terms of gay cruising offers you, among other things, the advantage that you will meet both twinks and bears there. Due to the large "target group" everyone should be happy here.

Safe gay cruising on the A57

Along the A57 you will not only find many cruising places, but also many gas stations where you can stock up - in case you forgot your rubbers.

As at all other cruising locations in the republic, the same applies at the A57 and the A59: Safey first!