The cruising parking lot Hüsby on the A7

Parking lot Hüsby

The parking lot Hüsby is located on the A7 between Schuby and Jagel in thedirection of the south. This gay cruising area is especially popular with commuters and residents who drive by every day. Especially the rear part of the parking lot is very busy and offers a great place to go. This can be reached via the left path, which leads upwards, there is a nice thicket with many niches in which you can have undisturbed fun. But the best thing here is that this place is absolutely not visible.

The city park in Rendsburg would also be worth a visit.

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  1. 3 guys in a row
    written by Seppel69, onNovember 8, 2020

    Was there on Saturday morning.

    First there were only uninteresting guys. But then went left up the path to the top. Many bushes & thickets with niches to have fun horny, absolutely not visible.

    There I am after half an hour waiting about, completely come at my expense! Have 3 horny guys weggerammelt. Trucker drivers were also there.

    Horny experience to the cruising parking Hüsby

  2. Parking lot Hüsby
    From u2phi written, onNovember 8, 2020

    Since the bushes have grown again, you can experience something good there again.
    The same applies to the park square Altholzkrug, there was also clear cutting. But a strong protective bush has formed again.

  3. not only for Gay's
    written by we two, onAugust 5, 2021

    also couple can look for and find fun here

    the ready "standing" gentlemen have proved to be a good support and have put all their efforts in and around the lady.

    Thanks to all who gave "their best".

  4. How does it work?
    written by Franky, onDecember 30 2021

    Hi, I'm a newbie here... How do I make myself known or how do I approach potential prospects?

  5. Relaxed away again
    written by Klaus, onJanuary 17, 2022

    One of my favorite cruising parking.
    Quite rare that I am not relaxed home. Also in the outer area you can drive up well and enjoy yourself.

  6. tv-uschi was there again
    written by uwe, onDecember 6, 2023

    was there today and even in such a misst weather you can have fun if you have pressure. I was lucky that TV-Uschi was there, she gave me a great blowjob and caught everything with her mouth but it was so much that her sauce was already running down. Whoever has pressure, she's almost always there and is always on top.

  7. Parking lot Hüsby
    written by Heiko Benett, onDecember 21, 2023

    I always stand up in front of the gate (dirt road) and wait for horny gay stallions, which I then milk by hand. Now I'm there almost every day from 10 a.m. to about 2 p.m. and sit in the Opel Corsa black two-door with SL - HB


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