The parking lot Grunewald near Charlottenburg

Parking lot Grunewald

The Grunewald parking lot is located in the Berlin district of Grunewald, which in turn belongs to the district of Charlottenburg. It is located in the southern part of the 3000 hectares large forest Grunewald and is easy to reach because it is only 200 meters away from the S-Bahn station Grunewald. It is also easily accessible via the adjacent A100 and A115 freeways.

Here at the Grunewald parking lot is a wonderful gay cruising area. At this meet in summer and winter countless men in the late evening hours to amuse and satisfy each other. The best place to meet is the parking lot or the path between the tree nursery and the old sports field. For cruising you can use the whole forest area with its countless trees and bushes. The special thing about the gay cruising area at the Grunewald parking lot is that all age groups can be found here. Before all evening, the leather lovers come here at their expense.


Have you ever been to the Sickingen Bridge to cruise?

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  1. Hot kisses
    written by Rudi, onJune 13, 2022

    I've been touched and kissed with tongue by a big guy there. I love that, especially in front of spectators. Also like group sex

  2. Super Location
    written by Timo, onJuly 28, 2022

    I love this place.
    I like to suck the cock of gentlemen of all ages. There it takes
    usually no 5 minutes until I have found a mostly older gentlemen (often hetero who must reduce pressure) who takes me in the mouth and throat. I came there once on 14 sucked cocks....

  3. Super Spot
    written by Timo, onMay 27, 2023

    I am often there and love to suck unsatisfied husbands and other straight men's cocks.
    I love that when they take me in the mouth and throat.
    As I said, I have sucked there on some afternoons einge cocks.


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