The flap at the Somborn bus station

Somborn bus station flap

The flap at Somborn bus station is very centrally located in the city of Freigericht, which belongs to Hesse. It is the public men's toilet located in the middle of the bus ZOB.
It is open all day, so you can do your business at any time of the day or night.

Somborn bus station flap

The gay scene in the area appreciates this very much and uses this quiet place as a wonderful gay cruising area. Here you meet from morning to night at the urinal or in front of the door to make contact. As soon as you have found each other, the great fun in the cabin begins.


Not far away is the cruising area at the Nidda reservoir.

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  1. Freigericht flap bus stops
    written by Manfred, onJuly 26, 2022

    Unfortunately, the flaps are currently locked because they are constantly being broken! ?


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