The Apollo City Sauna Vienna with many playgrounds

Gay Sauna Apollo City Sauna Vienna in Austria

The Apollo City Sauna Vienna offers you a pleasurable adventure between sauna and cruising on two floors. On the first floor you will find sauna, steam bath and pool areas. Here you can enjoy sweating in a small but nice round and get a little closer to each other. Also on the first floor is the bar and lounge. So they offer you a cozy area to flirt and make each other hot. Who then gets a desire for more hot action that goes one floor higher.

Cruising in the Apollo City Sauna Vienna

Should you have become so hot? So that it can no longer be overlooked on your billets, then off to the second floor. There you have cabins, a cinema and various playgrounds. In the Apollo City sauna you can really let it rip with your chosen ones. The flair of the cruising area is sensual and prepares the lustful hours the special kick. People like to let themselves go here to satisfy themselves and their opposite properly. Therefore, do not be shy and let off steam.

Team and ambience

The Apollo City Sauna Vienna welcomes you in a very familiar way and thus directly creates a feel-good factor. That's just the icing on the cake, the furnishings and decor are very relaxed and you quickly get the feeling of being at home. What strongly promotes the recovery and recharge your batteries aspect. Politeness as well as cleanliness and hygiene are standard here. So it's also fun to take advantage of the playgrounds or sauna offers.

Your opinion

Remember, as always, we at Planet-Randy are also interested in your opinion of the sauna. So leave it in the comments, how you find the Apollo City Sauna Vienna. You will also help others to find the right sauna for a visit. Also in Vienna and definitely worth a visit is the Kaiserbründl Herrensauna.


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  1. great gay sauna
    written by Lax, onDecember 25 2021

    the apollo city saunaiwien is a mega sauna with great ambience and many nice people

  2. Really sharp
    written by Salontiger, onMarch 19, 2022

    Feel very comfortable there and the really hot guys here hardly let my eyes in rest....

  3. Well...
    written by Max Planck, onApril 22, 2022

    Friendly was one, but the interior must have already seen Napoleon. Everything pretty run down, in the steam room a rough wooden bench ... I will not go there again. But the toilet was clean, after all.


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