The old town pub in Cologne a gay scene club

Altstadt Pub a gay bar in Cologne

The Altstadt-Pub a club held in pink glamorous interior, where the gay scene from Cologne always likes to meet. The audience is well mixed in terms of age, as well as the guys who hang out there. So if you are looking for a hot man, you will have great chances to find the right one there. The guests themselves are very open and relaxed, so you get to talk very well and especially quickly.

The Old Town pub is also very clean and they pay attention to high hygiene standards. The waitress is hardworking. She works quickly and prepares really tasty drinks. What is also particularly fun is the fact that the waitress always takes time for a nice small talk. The flair and the general atmosphere are very inviting and feels familiar. Everyone who visits this pub will enjoy the time.

Opening hours:
Monday 11:00-03:00
Tuesday 11:00-03:00
Wednesday 11:00-03:00
Thursday 11:00-03:00
Friday 11:00-03:00
Saturday 11:00-03:00
Sunday 11:00-03:00


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