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Gay Bar Cologne

Many gays or queers in general love "their" Cologne. No wonder! The city on the Rhine offers not only many cruising locations, but also numerous different gay bars with different focuses. From partying to chatting or flirting, just about anything is possible here.
But where is a visit particularly worthwhile? And where can you get to know either a man for life or your next ONS? Maybe you just want to drink a coffee in peace? With the right location in the background, nothing can go wrong.

What types of gay bar are there in Cologne?

Especially if you have never been to the gay scene in Cologne in the past, it makes sense to get a general overview first. Or else: Which gay bars are there in Cologne at all?
The selection is large and - at least it feels like - gets larger every day. But what does that actually mean for you and your dating or going out ambitions?
Among others, it's worth taking a look at Kunst Kaschaemm, Mariechen, Era Café & Bar, Casino Eck, Macky's Asia Lounge, Hennes' Terrasse and Kinkz. But beware! This is actually just a small excerpt from a long list! Your options in the city of the famous soccer club are far more versatile. Just ask around a bit on your next tour!

Who visits a gay bar in Cologne?

Looking for a particularly colorful gay scene? Then you should definitely make a stop in Cologne (and its gay bars).
It quickly becomes clear that it is not possible to speak of a "typical standard audience" here. Rather, in Cologne you will meet twinks, bears and many others who enjoy life, partying and flirting.
However, always keep in mind: the scene in the city is very open and friendly, but there are also many gay bars here that do not have it exclusively written on the flag that you have to drive the ultimate flirt mode here. Or in other words: of course, men are also welcome here who "only" want to network or spend the evening alone and in peace. How high the probability is that you will not go home alone, is thus to a large extent dependent on the location, but also on the respective event. - Gay Bar Krefeld