Free Gay Stories

Fancy some free gay stories? Again and again I experience that I read a stimulating gay story and then, as soon as it gets hot to the point, the hint appears that one should please pay to be able to continue reading. I find this impossible and have therefore made it my mission to put free gay stories online. I have the impression that I am exactly right on this page. For a long time I have been thinking about and collecting homoerotic stories that should get the blood pumping and maybe make you want to read more. The following story is one of my personal favorites and I hope you have a lot of fun with one of my Free Gay Stories. Whether these stories are true or fictional is something I don't like to reveal, after all, everyone should have their own interpretation. On a warm summer night at the bathing lake Kevin had made himself comfortable with his colleagues. For a long time he had a strange...
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ass fuck gay

An (almost) disappointing assfuck gay experience Hello all. I also wanted to share my sexual experience with you. I am Pierre, 24 years old and study law in NRW. My friends and family know that I am homosexual and have no major problem with it. On the contrary! My family supports me and stands behind me, which I really appreciate. But there is a lot that even my closest social environment does not know yet. Here I am mainly concerned with one thing: I have had a fetish for a long time, which I like to live out terribly. Last weekend I dared another time to go after my desire and a bit out of me. I dreamed for a long time to organize a secret parking lot meeting and treat myself to a proper assfuck gay in the glow of the streetlights. Passively or actively I did not really care. The main thing is that I can enjoy the forbidden to the fullest. Especially as someone who is in the Rah...
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Erotic gay stories

Fancy some erotic gay stories from my pen? Then you should definitely read on! I have so many ideas ... most of my erotic gay stories I have not yet put on paper. But if you are looking for fetishes and co., you are wrong with me. My preference is clear: I like classic sex. It took several years until I came out. Since then I enjoy life to the fullest. I don't have a boyfriend. I would like to have a partner someday. But it's too early for that now. Maybe I will first sow my wild oats a bit before I "settle down at home" and until then I will enjoy many erotic gay stories. Like this one ... A club and a toilet visit with consequences I was out with my buddies. We wanted to dance the night away again and celebrate life. Actually, I'm not the type for classic one night stands. With "classic" I mean...
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Sex meeting gay

My sex meeting gay in gay club Somehow every meeting in a gay club turns into a sex meeting, doesn't it? At least that's how I feel. I can't remember any visit where I would have left unsatisfied. On the contrary! Often I am part of orgies. When I arrive at my favorite club, I take things slow. I'm not someone who jumps on the first guy. My location is open until midnight. Why should I rush anything? That's how it was on the day when what was probably the hottest sex meeting gay ever took place. I stripped down to my boxers and made my way to the bar. First drink something! The guy behind the bar already knew me and greeted me nicely. "Somehow it's dead here today!", he said. I liked him. Not sexually, but in a different way. You could talk to him. At some point I spotted two guys who were about to eat. That's what I loved about this gay club: there was IM...
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Gay biker

My absolute passion are gay bikers Hot gay biker sex at the swimming lake...sounds, like in a movie, ... But for me this scenario has become reality. And what can I tell you? Such a horny experience I will certainly not have again! Therefore, it is even more important to me to remember this day with as many details as possible. And why shouldn't I just write down what happened to me? I'm sure that my gay biker story will ignite your head cinema just as it is the case with me. So do you feel like an erotic adventure between two gay strangers who accidentally ignite their passion at the swimming lake and don't even know their names? Then I wish you a lot of fun with a super hot gay biker story that will hopefully make your pants a little tighter. It all started on a wonderful, but also hot, summer day. My friends called me and wanted to have a...
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Manfuermann Gay

Fancy a sensual mannfuermann gay story? Your horny mannfuermann gay stories have kept me very happy in the past few days and given me pretty jerk-off material. Now I would like to give you something back. Unfortunately, I can not serve with such horny and hot experiences, as some others here. Nevertheless, my head cinema is very active and I have a very stimulating imagination, which gave me beautiful more often splashy evenings in bed or in the bath. This is a fantasy where at the end I showed a little fuckboy what I can do and he begs me not to stop. At the latest in this part of the fantasy I have always cum violently. My sex story begins here always in a neutral place, preferably outdoor, but also in the subway or on the platform I get it to the unknown with the horny tight asshole. After all, in my dreams is as good as anything at the Mannfuermann Ga...
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Gay Erotica

My Gay Erotica Story: Exactly how I imagined the perfect sex Well? I hope you are all well. I am. Because: As you can already read from the headline, I actually experienced the perfect sex a few days ago. I'm currently single and I hang out at gay cruising locations from time to time. Here I "only" want to let off steam. Whether I have a quickie or a longer time with one or more guys, I do not care. Or rather, it was all the same to me. Today I know that it can be worthwhile to invest a little time in the search for the ideal ONS. It all started last weekend. I was in the mood again... Both for sex and for a little "wellness". So I decided to visit the new gay sauna in our city. I had already heard from a few guys that it should be hot here - in the truest sense of the word. My advantage: I'm single and can fuck whoever I want. Therefore must...
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These anal sex stories will not let you go

You have read a lot of anal sex stories in the past and wonder if it could be a little hotter? In this case, you should definitely visit our site. Because: The authors who have written here, make every effort with the help of the right words to heat up your head cinema.

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Anal sex stories with a lot of passion

Our anal sex stories show you again and again how hot sex between gays can be. And even if the actual action in many cases moves into the background, it also makes sense to look a little closer here.

Some protagonists experience not only incredible orgasms, but also emotional ups and downs, for example, because they have just come out and found out what they are into. Many anal sex stories also revolve around passionate gangbangs and fantasies that are especially often practiced at common gay cruising locations.

In short: Almost no matter what you are into - we cover the most different areas in connection with anal sex stories. Just take a look and browse a little!

Which anal sex stories are the best?

You don't want to take long detours, but go directly to the best anal sex stories? Which plot captivates you the most(we also have stories from the BDSM area to offer), is of course up to your personal taste. Therefore, you should first ask yourself what turns you on.

However, in this context, maybe you want to get off the "beatenpath" a bit and learn about the practices you don't know yet?

How convenient that our anal sex stories are so versatile that even this is no problem! So if you've always wondered what's so great about "fetish XY", it's also worth taking a look at the stories in this category. Because: Anal sex is much more than just "in, out". And that's exactly what the respective writers want to prove to you with every paragraph.

Where and how to read anal sex stories especially good?

Actually, you can read our anal sex stories wherever you have a stable internet connection and a suitable device. Of course, no one should know about your hot reading material if you are in public places, for example.

Otherwise, there are virtually no limits to your imagination. You want to "prepare" yourself for a date in the train? You want to receive your friend after work with a lot of passion? Maybe you just want to make yourself comfortable with a hand job with yourself?

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Anal sex stories from the community - Want to join?

The anal sex stories on our platform are so authentic, among other things, because they come from writers from the community. They have either summarized their experiences or pack their sex dreams into a story. Either way, there is definitely no lack of passion here.

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