Free Gay Stories

Fancy some free gay stories? Again and again I experience that I read a stimulating gay story and then, as soon as it gets hot to the point, the hint appears that one should please pay to be able to continue reading. I find this impossible and have therefore made it my mission to put free gay stories online. I have the impression that I am exactly right on this page. For a long time I have been thinking about and collecting homoerotic stories that should get the blood pumping and maybe make you want to read more. The following story is one of my personal favorites and I hope you have a lot of fun with one of my Free Gay Stories. Whether these stories are true or fictional is something I don't like to reveal, after all, everyone should have their own interpretation. On a warm summer night at the bathing lake Kevin had made himself comfortable with his colleagues. For a long time he had a strange...
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ass fuck gay

An (almost) disappointing assfuck gay experience Hello all. I also wanted to share my sexual experience with you. I am Pierre, 24 years old and study law in NRW. My friends and family know that I am homosexual and have no major problem with it. On the contrary! My family supports me and stands behind me, which I really appreciate. But there is a lot that even my closest social environment does not know yet. Here I am mainly concerned with one thing: I have had a fetish for a long time, which I like to live out terribly. Last weekend I dared another time to go after my desire and a bit out of me. I dreamed for a long time to organize a secret parking lot meeting and treat myself to a proper assfuck gay in the glow of the streetlights. Passively or actively I did not really care. The main thing is that I can enjoy the forbidden to the fullest. Especially as someone who is in the Rah...
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Gay wanking

Gay wixen - Fancy a horny story? For 30 years I live out my sexuality openly and in the past it was often hot with me. You must understand: In my passion, I do not delight in anal or oral penetration. Rather, I am a lover of horny gay stories and experiences. What experiences I have already had? Good that you ask about it! Hehe. In the course of my life I have already been able to attend numerous gay wanking sessions. I have injected the one or the other man my concentrated load of love juice in the face. There were many evenings where I could follow my preference for gay wixen. Here it does not matter to me whether I am only a spectator or a participant. For me it is only important that many horny gays jerk off nicely. Sometimes one after the other, sometimes simultaneously. I do not really care. I myself also like to let someone else hand on my cock....
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Erotic gay stories

Fancy some erotic gay stories from my pen? Then you should definitely read on! I have so many ideas ... most of my erotic gay stories I have not yet put on paper. But if you are looking for fetishes and co., you are wrong with me. My preference is clear: I like classic sex. It took several years until I came out. Since then I enjoy life to the fullest. I don't have a boyfriend. I would like to have a partner someday. But it's too early for that now. Maybe I will first sow my wild oats a bit before I "settle down at home" and until then I will enjoy many erotic gay stories. Like this one ... A club and a toilet visit with consequences I was out with my buddies. We wanted to dance the night away again and celebrate life. Actually, I'm not the type for classic one night stands. With "classic" I mean...
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Gay blowjob

My favorite hobby? Gay blowjob! Hello my dear gay community and first of all a big compliment to the many creative writers. I have read many stories here that have inspired my head cinema. I have always thought that I am quite perverted and have kept my hobby discreet and secret. But after reading about your fisting experiences and the many horny threesomes, I feel relatively "harmless". Anyway, I no longer feel like the pervert in my homosexual circle of friends. Through you I found the courage to report about my regular sex adventures on different gay cruising hotspots and in gay clubs. On weekends I go through a real metamorphosis, shed my alter ergo and mutate into an exquisite bellows with the best technique you have ever felt on your cock. The whole thing is not meant to sound pleasing or arrogant, but so far I have given everyone a sprit...
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Anal stories in different variants

The classic anal sex does not exist. And just as little is there only THE ONE anal story. One look at our platform is enough to send your horny thoughts a little on the road and your hand possibly in your pants.

Whether you ultimately feel like a more romantic or a particularly BDSM story, of course, is up to you. Since our archive is constantly growing, you will surely find what you are looking for.

The authors who have sent us their anal stories have made a great effort to take you into a colorful and horny world. In addition to the somewhat longer stories, you will also find a short story here from time to time, which is super suitable to be enjoyed in the train on the way back from work.

How do the anal stories differ from each other?

Anal stories can come in many different variations. Perhaps you will be surprised that there are also many writers here who not only attach importance to describing the individual sex practices, but also the plot in more detail. Sounds boring and in relation to an extensive handjob not purposeful? This is a prejudice. Many readers appreciate it when a plot builds up slowly. After all, even in bed it's not always about coming as quickly as possible, is it?

If you have a little more time to read our anal stories, you can of course make yourself comfortable on the couch and let yourself be carried away into another world.

Anal stories for a more varied sex life?

You might be surprised how many men simply read anal stories to each other to get a little turned on. In some cases, however, both don't really make it to the last line before penetrating each other.

But there is absolutely no shame in being ashamed of this kind of pleasure! On the contrary! You are not alone. If you want, you can also turn reading the anal stories into a little challenge by switching from section to section and seeing who can keep it up the longest. The possibilities for getting each other going in this way are more versatile than they might seem. Just give it a try!

What is special about anal stories?

As the category name suggests, the focus of our anal stories is - who would have thought it? - on the butt and everything that goes with it. You love to read about anal sex in detail? Then you've come to the right place.

While in Gay Porns the camera zooms in on the relevant parts, here you can be sure that our authors know exactly what you like. Just take some time and browse our archive for new reading material! We are pretty sure that you will get one or the other "Wow!" while reading - at least internally.

Can you write anal stories yourself?

Especially if you already have a horny fantasy in your head, it is usually not difficult to spin a corresponding story. If you then still want to share it with the community, we are of course also very happy.

Just send us your anal stories and enjoy the fact that certainly one or the other reader - just because of your written thoughts - will be horny. Possibly you are also so taken by your story that you have to pause more often during writing to "release pressure"? Probably the story will be all the hotter in the end.

Gay pictures can also spoil a head