FlirtBlue is a new community where the entire LGBTQ community is welcome!

Whether you're gay, bisexual, trans-gender, non-binary, queer or cross-dresser - FlirtBlue offers everyone a place to find like-minded people and network!

Versatile, open-minded and honest - that's FlirtBlue!

FlirtBlue is a dating community for LGBTQ supporters. This community is a meeting place for people who are looking for contacts. Whether you are looking for a date for a movie night, a night out or to live out your fantasies, you will find what you are looking for on FlirtBlue. However, FlirtBlue is not a classic dating site, but a community where every user feels welcome and safe. Here you are offered a place where you can not only get to know other people and network with them, but also get information and exchange ideas.

Everyone is welcome at FlirtBlue, who attaches great importance to respect and tolerance and has a desire for something new. Getting to know each other and networking takes place on FlirtBlue with friendly interaction in a relaxed atmosphere. FlirtBlue has modern security systems, because the safety of our users is particularly important to us. We offer a safe space where everyone can express themselves regardless of their preferences. On FlirtBlue you can be exactly who you are, because here everyone should feel respected and accepted, regardless of their sexual identity, orientation, race or religion. People from all walks of life are welcome on FlirtBlue!

What awaits you on FlirtBlue

On FlirtBlue you will find everything you expect from a dating community! Here you can meet like-minded people, chat, flirt and date with other people.

More than 2500 scene venues are waiting for you in our Cruising Area Listing! Here you can find out which hot meeting places there are in your area - from gay cinema to gay bar and gay sauna to glory holes and gay cruising areas! Using the search function, you can filter not only by location, but also by preferences. You can also see directly which spots are the most popular in each category.

In the gay forum you have the opportunity to exchange with other users directly in the forum or in private groups. You can discuss with like-minded people about the topics that move you at the moment. No matter if you are looking for advice, if you want to talk about your upcoming outing or if you just want to have a nice chat - here you will definitely find someone to talk to! If you like each other, there is the possibility of a real meeting!

In the chat area you can flirt without restraint. Here you can meet people with whom you are on the same wavelength. You have various options to exchange with one or even more men at the same time.

On our blog you can read interesting articles and get the latest news from the LGBTQ community.

What is special about FlirtBlue?

FlirtBlue allows members to meet for cruising without the need to meet in a bar or club. In this community, you have the opportunity to meet like-minded people without having to worry about being discriminated against because of your sexuality or orientation. Thus, it is also easy for newcomers to integrate into the community.

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The platform is designed to be user-friendly, so new users can jump right into the fun. The registration is done in no time. A correctly filled out profile and an appealing photo can help you attract the attention of other users. In addition, a premium membership gives you the opportunity to make contacts even easier and safer!

Since the safety of our users is especially important to us, we protect their privacy and offer various settings that allow safe surfing on FlirtBlue. We value responsible use of the platform so that it can remain what it is: a place where like-minded people can meet honestly and without complications.

What is a Premium Membership?

A Premium Membership is a paid upgrade to your membership that allows you to significantly improve your experience on FlirtBlue. In addition to an upgrade to a Premium Silver Member, you can also upgrade to a Premium Gold Member.

The premium membership can be purchased with different terms, so you can choose a shorter period for testing. With a longer term you can benefit from a discount. In addition, a variety of payment methods are available, so you can choose the method that
method that suits you best.

These are your advantages as a Premium Member!

A premium membership significantly increases your opportunities to make contacts via FlirtBlue. As a premium member, you have more diverse opportunities to draw attention to yourself within the community. Furthermore, as a premium member you will benefit from numerous advantages that will enrich your experience in the dating community. Through a variety of additional features, it is faster and easier for you as a premium member to meet people on FlirtBlue.

The premium membership is worthwhile for you if you want to use FlirtBlue frequently and extensively. It helps you to make your profile more visible and to continuously get to know new users.

Which functions of FlirtBlue can I use as a Basic member?

The registration at FlirtBlue is free of charge. As a registered user you can view all cruising venues and get information about popular venues like gay bars, gay saunas, gay cinemas, glory holes and gay cruising areas in your area. It is also possible to add comments to the respective locations. In addition, you can use the search function to look for users from your city or region. Furthermore, you can use the forum without any restrictions and read articles in our blog.

The benefits of upgrading to a Premium member in detail:

Upgrading to "FlirtBlue Premium" offers you numerous advantages. You will not be shown any ads, which means that you can enjoy all the content on the platform without ads. Furthermore, upgrading affects many areas of the website, such as the messaging feature, cruising area listing, search function and photo albums.

- Messaging feature:
If you upgrade to a Premium member, you can send as well as receive messages and view all pictures in the message area. As a Premium Gold member, you also have the option to select the "Show messages before everyone else" function and to have a "Read" status displayed, which tells you whether your conversation partner has already read your message or not.

- Cruising Area Listing & Travel Mode:
As a Premium member, you can see the pictures of users who have already visited that location at the various cruising venues. If you have a Gold membership, you can even pin your profile yourself to the locations you have visited.

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- Forum and search function:
In the forum you have the possibility as a premium member to search all pictures of the other users.

to view. Furthermore, as a premium member you have the possibility to save your searches via the search function including all filters, which means a time saving for the next search. Also a search in a certain zip code area or within a certain country is possible with a premium membership. If you choose a Premium Gold Membership, you can even change your location once within 48 hours.

- Profiles, likes, photo albums and favorites:
Premium members can view the complete profiles of their profile visitors. In addition, they can see who has left a "Like" to their profile. They can also request private access to other users' photo albums and grant it for their own photo albums as well. You can mark profiles that you particularly like as favorites, provided you have a premium membership, and then manage them in your favorites folder. Here you can also see who has marked you as a favorite.

- Ghost mode:
If you want to be anonymous on the platform, you can set your complete profile including name and picture to "not visible" as a premium member with the "Ghost Mode". You can activate this mode, for example, if you know that you will not be on FlirtBlue for a long time. Thus, your profile is not visible to other users, but it will not be deleted and you can access it at any time. The "Ghost Mode" also means that you will not be shown to other users as a profile visitor. This way you can look around at other users without them knowing about it. In addition, in this mode you can only receive messages from users with whom you have already written messages in the past.

Premium silver and premium gold: These are the differences!

Premium Gold members have some additional features available to them that Premium Silver membership does not include.

Adding favorites is only possible as a Gold member, as is the use of the "Ghost Mode", which lets you be invisibly active on the platform. The "Travel Mode", which allows you to change your location and meet people from other cities or countries, is also only available in the Gold Membership. Another function that is only available to Gold members is the tagging of locations that you have already visited. Additionally, there are some more advanced features available in the message section.

Become a member of FlirtBlue and be part of a unique community!

FlirtBlue is the right community for you if you are looking for a place where you can be the way you feel. Without any pressure or fear of discrimination or exclusion, you can meet like-minded people on the platform, exchange ideas with them and maybe even arrange a real meeting. FlirtBlue allows you to make contacts in a safe and friendly environment.

Join FlirtBlue, the preeminent dating community for LGBTQ supporters and take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with like-minded people!

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  1. Hello
    I have looked at the Gay Flirt blue since yesterday well you have advantages with premium membership but I think I will sign up but I will sign up even without premium membership I think that I will also meet many members who not only read my profile but also write I find the site super
    I will register after Easter or before. that is still open
    LG Olaf

    1. Hello Olaf, without Premium you can also exchange free in the forum and be active in the Cruising Areas. I wish you all the best and nice easter holidays, until then
      Greetings Jürgen


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