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Glory Hole Sex

Within the gay scene they are on everyone's lips: the glory hole sex locations. But what is actually special about sex at a glory hole? Why are these places regularly visited by so many men?

Glory Hole Sex is characterized not least by its versatile possibilities. There are almost no limits to the imagination here. No matter if blow- or handjob or anal sex: with a little ingenuity every glory hole becomes a sex hot spot!

Glory hole sex - from rest stops to clubs

When you think of classic glory hole sex, the first thing that comes to mind is certainly walls with holes that can provide erotic variety at rest stops, among other places. Admittedly, the standard of hygiene that many gays are used to in gay clubs and gay cinemas, among other places, falls largely by the wayside here.

However, this is exactly what attracts many fans of the glory holes in the "Dirty" variant so much. The atmosphere here is wicked and is often perceived as a little "forbidden".

Things are usually much cleaner in clubs. The flair of the glory holes and the thrill of not knowing who is on the other side still remains.

Glory hole sex in different variants

In many cases, the glory holes are as big that actually only the visitor's penis fits through. However, this does not mean that you have to limit yourself significantly with regard to your sexual adventure. On the contrary! Glory hole sex can be extremely versatile. Which practices you would like to live out with your sex partner here, you can determine freely to a large extent.

Freely according to the motto "What you both like is allowed!" you can surprise each other or agree "through the wall".

However, if you are planning to have sex at the Glory Hole, it is of course important not to forget your rubbers. As mentioned before, you don't know who is standing (or kneeling) on the other side.

Which Glory Hole sex locations are most popular?

Whether you're more enthusiastic about a glory hole at a rest stop or a club is, of course, up to your individual tastes and preferences.

If you want to get inspired (or informed) in advance, it can also be worthwhile to do a little research and find out, for example, when a particular hole is particularly well attended, which age group is mainly represented here, etc. .

Optionally, of course, you can be surprised by the situation on the spot or d / take a friend with you. This can be a welcome introduction. Even if in the latter case you already know who is hiding behind the wall, such a "date" offers the chance to raise the sex life within an existing partnership to a new level.

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