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Gay cinema Rendsburg

If you are out and about in Rendsburg and - either spontaneously or less spontaneously - feel like having sex, you can stop by at the gay cinema, among other places. In the city, among other things, the Eroticworld Rendsburg enjoys a special popularity. This is - as the name suggests - not just a gay cinema, but a "colorful bouquet" of erotic possibilities.
Among other things, you can also stock up on toys in the sex store.

Do you have to go on a date at the gay cinema Rendsburg?

You don't have to, but you can. Especially if you are not a fan of letting everything happen to you, you have certainly found a great change from a spontaneous visit in a date at the gay cinema.
If you want, just drop by the chat. Here you will certainly find men who are not only interested in gay cruising, but also in a visit to the cinema. Whether you then have sex in one of the cabins or in the big hall is up to you. There are even men who watch the movie in the cinema and then have sex at home - but this kind of moviegoers are rather in the minority.

Alone or in pairs?

Here, too, there is no fixed rule. Of course you can visit the gay cinema in Rendsburg either alone or with your(or a) friend. No one will look at you funny if you show up as a couple. However, it is important that you are clear about what you expect from a visit to the gay cinema.
Do you want to have sex "just" the two of you? Or are you in the mood for a wild orgy? What is the other man allowed to do and what not?
Be sure to clarify details like these beforehand to avoid jealousy dramas.

Always only with rubber

Whenever you cruise - whether in the open air or in a gay cinema - one important companion must not be missing: the rubber! Especially when changing partners regularly, the risk of contracting contagious STDs increases. Therefore: Put on a condom and only then have fun. But then do it right!

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