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Gay cinema Austria

The Austrian gay scene is also getting bigger and more diverse. Accordingly, it is not surprising why there is also the possibility to visit modern and varied gay cinemas here.

Particularly well known in this context are the Wiscot Gay Shop and the erotic cinema Labyrinth. Both locations focus on much more than "just" movies. Rather, visitors can expect a colorful mix of erotic entertainment and action on different levels.

Therefore, it is not surprising why many gays from numerous age groups - from bear to twink - regularly meet here. Over time, however, both cinemas have managed to expand their customer base. The result: a colorful program, modern equipment and high standards of hygiene.

Gay cinemas in Vienna - locations with many surprises

If you think that only movies are shown in gay cinemas, you will quickly be disabused of this notion when you visit Vienna and the corresponding locations. The Wiscot Gay Shop - as the name suggests - also has a sales area where you can purchase numerous toys from a wide variety of areas (and for a wide variety of preferences).

The size of the screen is also impressive. It certainly won't get boring here - partly because the films here are changed every hour.

Especially popular, both in the Wiscot Gay Shop and in the Erotic Cinema Labyrinth, are the generously designed cruising areas. In these areas you can "meet" men in different ways.

Alone in the gay cinema? No problem!

To prevent misunderstandings: the probability that you will be completely alone in one of the two gay cinemas in Austria or Vienna at some point is low. The popular locations have become real hot spots within the scene.

Should you ever feel like having fun on your own, of course, that's no problem either. Alternatively, you can simply retire to one of the booths and choose a movie of your choice. In addition, many secluded and (more or less) visible corners in the cinemas invite you to explore them.

Fancy a very special kick?

Both the operators of the Erotic Cinema Maze and the people in charge at the Wiscot Gay Shop know how much fun it can be to enjoy sex on different levels.

Depending on the location, you can live out your fantasies in a darkroom or in a labyrinth with many hidden areas. Here - in the truest sense of the word - a new surprise is waiting around almost every corner on well-attended days.

So if you're looking for a little modern sex cinema flair, you don't have to wait exclusively in front of the screen for your luck. Maybe it is just in another area? -> Gay cinema Paderborn