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Gay Cruising A44

Who does not know it? You're on the highway and "suddenly" feel like having sex? Fortunately, there are some rest stops, parking lots and other locations on the A44, where you can "let offa little steam". So that you don't have to wait too long until you meet at least one like-minded person, it is of course important to know where and when the action is.

The good news in this context is that the places where you can have comparatively spontaneous (and hot) gay sex are "generously" distributed along the entire route. Accordingly, you often do not have to put up with long distances to the next ONS.

Which locations on the A44 are particularly popular?

Whether you've already had some cruising experience or you're looking for a guy for a parking adventure for the first time, you're sure to get your money's worth on the A44!

If you are looking for a more natural atmosphere and sex on the water, you can head for the Silbersee in Ratingen, for example. Here, the chances of success are high, especially in the evening and at night, when the visitors have already gone home.

Erotic rest area atmosphere awaits you at the parking lot Johannes Erbstollen. The adjacent forest area virtually invites you to go in search of a hiding place. However, the darker it gets, the higher the probability that you will find your luck in the area of the toilet huts. It is also worth visiting the Witten parking lot and the Hoxhöfe rest area.

Who cruises along the A44?

You want to know who you will meet while cruising along the A44? Exactly that depends to a large extent on your chosen location. At the Silbersee in Ratingen, among others, many men from the Düsseldorf, Neuss and Ratingen scene are on site. On the highways and the associated parking and rest areas, you can expect mainly commuters and truckers.

Since the A44 is generally very busy, you can usually cruise here during the day - but then much more hidden.

Date or spontaneous? Both is possible!

Whether you arrange to have sex in advance or leave everything to chance depends on your personal sex date taste. Actually, however, you will often find - especially at the rest areas and in the evening and night hours - even without an appointment.

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