The Stargayte Sauna in Leipzig

Sauna Stargayte in Leipzig

The Stargayte sauna offers you countless possibilities to live out your fantasies. Of course, you can also just relax and unwind. In Germany's largest gay sauna with 2600 square meters was freshly renovated and rebuilt in 2013 under new management. The really huge sauna facility on 2 floors has a bar with restaurant in lounge style. In addition, there is a medical massage studio and a large steam bath.

Also nice are jet whirlpool and outdoor garden. Also available to guests are spacious relaxation areas, rental cabins and free rest cabins. Especially on weekends, this sauna temple is also frequented by many younger men.

Who do I meet at the Stargayte?

The Stargayte Sauna in Leipzig is a place to go for twinks, especially on weekends. Of course, in addition to the young vegetables, a mature and balanced mix ratio can also be found. So there is something for everyone. During the week, however, there are fewer young men in the Stargayte. Who have you met there? Make an appointment with your next date on the Planet Randy page. Feel free to share your experiences with Stargayte Sauna.

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  1. You get horny in the sauna
    written by Ringo, onNovember 17 2021

    You go into the sauna, your towel tied around you, you see the young boys sitting hairless and loose in the sauna. Your towel lifts, you can't help it, but it's so nice. One of the boys touches you, it's done for you, you can kiss and have fun with him.

  2. Chance acquaintance
    written by Ringo, onNovember 18 2021

    I was sitting in the sauna and sweating, when suddenly a young man came in, who was totally hairless. I sat down straight away and did him watch. He said to me: Do you want? I told him that I found him totally cute. We went out of the sauna and made love, it was wonderful. I have his phone number, he is great.

  3. Meet young boys
    written by Roberto, onSeptember 24, 2022

    I find it very great when you can meet in the sauna with young hot boys it is a great experience and a horny feeling I would like to experience this further and hope to find my partner.

  4. Very nice ambience
    written by MBi1980, onOctober 17, 2022

    A beautiful sauna with a very nice play area.

    I have never gone home unrelaxed.

    The staff is just great.


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