The Planet X Cinema Experience in Ludwigshafen

Planet X Ludwigshafen

Planet X in Ludwigshafen has an area of 1000 m2 and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. 200 gays or straights can find space there and have a great time. All age groups from young to old are present there, the average age is 30 years. Variety and diversity plays a very big role there.

In the cinema area there are several rooms, which are equipped with very modern and cozy furnishings. As soon as you enter the cinema, the erotic atmosphere surrounds you. In addition, some rooms are designed with sunbeds or comfortable armchairs. In addition, there is a couples area, where couples can really let it rip. A bar to get to know each other is also available.

Opening hours:

Monday 10:00 - 00:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 00:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 00:00
Thursday 10:00 - 00:00
Friday 10:00 - 02:00
Saturday 10:00 - 00:00
Sunday 12:00 - 00:00


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