The parking lot in Klein Oesau

Parking lot Oesau

If you follow the Kellinghusener Straße between Itzehoe and Hohenlockstedt, you will find a slightly lower parking lot on the right side behind the city sign of Itzehoe.

The path leads to an underpass of the highway. This underpass is often used as a gay cruising area. In the evening, the cruising parking lot is always very well attended. During the day you can meet someone there from time to time.

Lake Einfeld could be worth a trip in the summer. Click here for all cruising parking lots

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  1. who can tell me when someone is currently there?
    written by Kevin, onNovember 15, 2020

    Moin Moin, come from Kiel and drive 3x a week through Itzehoe. Yesterday I found by chance the Cruising parking on Google has drawn me here! Now my question to the community, is here in Ösau on the parking lot someone to meet if so what time or weekdays?

    As a truck driver, I like to be the passive part and like to be served by several people outdoors or even on my truck bed.


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