The Krempel parking lot on the A27 towards Cuxhaven

Parking lot Krempel A27

The Krempel parking lot is located on the A27 between Neuenwalde and Nordholz in the direction of Cuxhaven. Likewise, its exact counterpart is on the parallel track in the direction of Bremerhaven. They both offer a great view of the wind farm in the sunset just wonderfully beautiful and soothing. But without hin the two open parking spaces in the local scene are extremely popular and sought after. There are on the back benches the perfect gay cruising meeting places which are already well visited during the day by commuters and Co. In the evening, on the other hand, you have wild and undisturbed fun with the truckers.

You want to go to Schleswig-Holstein at the Baltic Sea? How about the Gay Cruising Area Am Blauen Abel?

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  1. Parking space cardboard
    written by cuddle pastor, onMay 3, 2022

    Was there last week at noon. The rear area of the parking lot very dirty from tissues, tetrapacks and extremities. Sporadically also condoms, which conclude that something is going on here. When I was there only families and tourists. Otherwise, only "dead pants" I would be interested in how your experiences are. And have you ever had a date there?

  2. Empty at noon
    written by Permulcent, onMay 2, 2023

    Bushes are very inviting, but at the holiday noon nothing going on. Would have loved to cuddle with you

  3. Tonight from 10 pm (24.09.23)
    written by JanCux, onSeptember 24, 2023

    I need horny cocks and as much cum as possible in my mouth or on my cock. NO Deepthrat ... otherwise I puke you full!
    I fuck only active without rubber and preferably with your sperm as a lubricant!
    I like hard guys
    hairy clean and well-groomed feet
    cocks from size M preferably uncut
    would like to be pissed on, but not swallow the piss!
    Would like to fuck a vorbesamtes hole!

  4. Totentanz!
    von Sascha Martens geschrieben, am 16. Mai 2024

    Totentanz wäre noch eine wilde Party, im Gegensatz zu dem was da abgeht. Wer mir sagen kann, wann hier was gehen soll, kann mir gerne Bescheid geben. Das einzige geile hier, ist der Sonnenuntergang.


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