The Blond Cocktail Bar in Berlin

Blond Cocktail Bar a gay bar in Berlin

The Blond Cocktail Bar has extremely tasty drinks and is also a great meeting place for gay men. There is flirting, banging and especially a lot of fun among men. The drinks create a very relaxed mood among the guests. They are well mixed, from twinks to bears, everything is represented here. So everyone should find something for his flirting taste.

The Blond Cocktail Bar is enormously clean. The host and his team pay meticulous attention to hygiene and cleanliness. They are also friendly and make sure that the guests are always supplied with fresh drinks. All in all, a visit there with friends, but also as a single makes great pleasure.

Opening hours:
Monday 15:00-04:00
Tuesday 15:00-04:00
Wednesday 15:00-04:00
Thursday 15:00-04:00
Friday 15:00-04:00
Saturday 15:00-04:00
Sunday 15:00-04:00


If you are more into beer, you should check out the following gay bar. The beer heaven in Berlin.

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  1. Very blonde
    written by Tom-passive, onNovember 25 2021

    Young and old nix more going on


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