We set the Planet Randy Lockdown bonus, but ...

Somehow it currently seems that the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming a little more tangible, doesn't it?

Therefore, we would also like to say goodbye to the "Lockdown" bonus. After giving away ten Randys to each of our users every day over a period of about half a year, resulting in about three million (!) Randys changing hands, we are now discontinuing the promotion.

But: of course you don't have to miss out on great promotions in the future! On the contrary! Currently, the next surprise is already in the starting blocks!

You are curious? Wonderful! But you'll have to be patient a little longer! We'll tell you more at the weekend!

Your team from Planet-Randy


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6 responses to "The Planet Randy Lockdown Bonus".

  1. I also always get 10 Randys but one weekend there was then no more and then I always get 5 Randys and now after 2 weeks, unfortunately, the action is finished. Nevertheless, thank you makes please continue so!

  2. Again a thousand thanks for all the many Randys and a BIG PRAISE to Jürgen from the support!

    I hope you have something great for us again soon. Love also to you Frank and Karsten

  3. Too bad that the action Bonus Randy is to.but at least the Bonus RANDYS have helped.many thanks for this to the Randy team.
    I look forward to the next action from you
    Keep up the good work you are really great.

  4. Many thanks for the numerous Randy's. Have a nice time until soon


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