The application phase for the ESC 2023 is underway

It will take place again next year: The ESC. Actually, the event would be held in the country of the last winner. However, since there is still war in Ukraine, the English city of Liverpool was chosen to step in as host.

Nevertheless, Ukraine is to be in focus at the ESC 2023.

And who will be competing for Germany? The successes of the last few years were comparatively "clear". Malik Harris unfortunately only took last place with his song "Rockstars" - even though it's been impossible to imagine radio programs (not only in Germany) without him since then.

The preliminary round of "Our Song for Liverpool" is now open to artists from Germany who might even follow in Lena Meyer-Landrut's footsteps.

ESC 2023 application phase

The German ESC preliminary round: artists from many different genres wanted

After the ESC is before the ESC. Currently, those responsible for the ESC preliminary round are again looking for artists who would like to compete for Germany at the ESC 2023. The genre is comparatively irrelevant here. From pop to country, from electro to rock, just about anything is possible.

Those who would like to propose their song can do so until November 28, 2022 via the official ARD page for the ESC. All information is also available at

A top-class jury will then decide which artist can perform his or her song on the big stage of the preliminary round. This time, however, the application process will also go in the other direction. For 2023, the jury reserves the right to approach individual artists itself and actively approach them.

Another special feature: Those who want to apply for the German preliminary round can this time also choose the way via the platform TikTok, among others. The important thing is that the corresponding entries are tagged with #UnserLiedFürLiverpool. The best songs will then be released once again for a separate vote. And whoever wins this "TikTok Contest" will automatically take part in the German ESC preliminary round at the beginning of March 2023.

ESC 2023 application phase

NDR sets itself high goals

Recently, there has been increasing criticism of the selection process for German entries to the ESC. However, NDR is optimistic for 2023. They are competing to "play at the front," explained Andreas Gerling, the head of the team responsible for the ESC at ARD.

In the context of ESC 2022, numerous music fans complained that Electric Callboy's entry had not been considered. While many of those responsible were of the opinion that the song was not suitable for an event like the ESC, there were many others who wished for more musical diversity in the German entries and saw Electric Callboy in particular as a welcome change.

But: The ESC 2022 is history and therefore it is now also time for the musicians of the country to look ahead until the grand final of the ESC 2023 will take place on May 13, 2023. For sure, the Kalush Orchestra will also perform on this day and perform its winning song from 2022 ("Stefania").

Incidentally, no one need worry that Germany will not be on stage in Liverpool. Because Germany is one of the biggest financial supporters of the music competition and is therefore considered to be seeded from the outset anyway.

Those responsible in Liverpool have already let it be known that they will focus on Ukraine as the actual host and at the same time represent it in a worthy manner. Great Britain has taken second place in 2022.


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