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Glory Holes Thuringia

In Thuringia there are many possibilities to have fun at the Glory Hole. The different locations offer you free choice. You can choose between outdoor, indoor and private glory holes. From time to time, motto parties take place at the relevant locations, such as gay cinemas. Here it is important to inform yourself in advance.

Outdoor glory holes are usually associated with typical gay cruising hotspots. These are mostly located at lakes, in parks, and in other places - some of which are heavily frequented during the day. Some of them are also located at rest areas and public restrooms. If you're in the mood for rest area sex flair, you're in good hands.

Numerous indoor glory holes are integrated into well-known scene locations, such as the "Star Erotic". Such locations are ideal for gaining your first experience with the glory hole. There you are in a protected room and can talk to the staff if you have questions or problems.

Anonymous fun for several? No problem in Thuringia!

The allure of the unknown is the reason many seek out a glory hole. For the most part, they don't want to know who they are spoiling or who they are being spoiled by. It happens from time to time that an initial classic glory hole situation develops into a boisterous gang bang. Especially in the summer, you have a good chance of meeting the right people in the right place.

If you love outdoor cruising in winter and are looking for a partner for the Glory Hole in the cold season, it makes sense to arrange a date in advance via chat. In this way, you can ideally ensure that you don't spend too much time standing on your stomach.

By the way: the guys you meet at the Glory Hole don't have to be completely unknown to you. Many also come directly with their partner. Of course, it is important that you are not too jealous. Otherwise, the whole thing can backfire.

Condoms are important

If you're not at the glory hole with your long-term partner, you should always use a condom. And by the way: Various STDs can also be transmitted during oral sex. If your partner does not want to use a condom, you should decline with thanks. There should be plenty of choice - including in Thuringia.

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