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Gay sauna Amsterdam

The Amsterdam gay scene has become more and more colorful over time. Especially on weekends, many gays from abroad drop by to meet new people, flirt and cruise. A popular place to go are the various gay saunas in the city.

In Amsterdam there are quite a few locations of this kind, which have managed to build up a wide regular audience. The Gay Sauna Nieuwezijds is particularly popular in this context. Young and old meet there to get closer to each other - in different ways. You will also find representatives of various fetishes here.

Gay Sauna Nieuwezijds and its special events

Many men who love to spend - literally - hot hours in the gay sauna appreciate a packed event calendar. In this context, Gay Sauna Nieuwezijds shows again and again how colorful a program can be arranged here. How about a visit to the Gender Fluid Night, for example?

Or with an event where everything (or at least much) revolves around Bears only? If you want to make sure that your own tastes are completely fulfilled, you can take a look at the event calendar of Gay Sauna Nieuwezijds. The page gives interesting insights into the offer and in the gallery you can also quickly find out what to expect. However, you can get the best picture of course when you visit yourself.

What is special about the gay saunas in Amsterdam?

The audience you will meet in the gay saunas in Amsterdam is considered comparatively open. Besides Dutch people, many Germans are also represented here, among others. No wonder! After all, the high quality level of the various facilities ensures that it is worthwhile to put up with "a few kilometers more".

The offer of various "additional options", such as massages and the like, is also wide-ranging. So there is nothing against doing something good for your body in various ways in one of the gay saunas in Amsterdam.

And by the way, many saunas do not focus exclusively on gay men on all days. There are definitely locations where "All Genders welcome" are on certain dates. So if you're in the mood for a little erotic outside the box, many gay saunas in Amsterdam are a wonderful place to go for sexy adventures.

Particularly popular in this context are the "No Towels allowed" events, where the sauna experience - usually over a period of several hours - takes place completely naked.

How hygienic are gay saunas in Amsterdam?

The level of hygiene and cleanliness of the gay saunas in Amsterdam can definitely be compared to the German level. Here, too, regular checks and cleaning campaigns ensure that everyone feels comfortable.

Of course, it should be self-evident that you also adhere to the specifications of the individual houses. It's best to visit the homepage of the sauna you're considering in advance to find out about the rules that apply. That way you are on the safe side.

And even with regard to the classic sauna experience, you don't have to do without almost anything in Amsterdam's modern locations that you're used to in Germany. Whether it's infusions or other treatments, the teams on site will make sure you feel comfortable.