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Gay cinema Zurich

Zurich is a colorful and open city - in many ways. Among other things, you will find several gay cinemas here, which should make the heart of passionate cruisers beat faster. Because: Where else would it be so easy to combine sex and horny movies as in the gay cinema - optionally directly in front of the screen.

But which gay cinema in Zurich is the best? There is no standardized answer to this question. Instead, it makes sense to check out locations such as the Dark Town Zurich, the Erotik Factory Zurich or the Walche Zurich. Please note: the listed locations are only a few of several gay cinemas.

What programs are shown in the gay cinemas in Zurich?

Most gay cinemas in Zurich attach great importance to covering as many preferences as possible on the screens. Therefore, it is self-explanatory why you get your money's worth here as a BDSM lover as well as a hardcore fan.

If you have any questions about the program(and any motto events), you can of course always contact the staff on site. The friendly team will be happy to help you.

How do I find a date to go to the movies?

Basically, it should be said that you can of course also go alone to a gay cinema. If you want to get to the train quickly, you probably won't stay alone for long anyway. In the event that you want exactly THAT, you can of course also retire to one of the cabins.

Anyone who wants to go on a date often meets a "partner in crime" in the chat. But be careful! Since there are so many gay cinemas in Zurich, you should be careful when dating that you choose the same location. Not that one is waiting in the Walche and one in the Modern Lausanne.

How do the gay cinemas in Zurich differ from each other?

If you have visited more than one gay cinema in Zurich, you know that each location has different characteristics. Some are more modern, others more classical in design. There are also differences in the program and in terms of "extras", such as attached sex stores or particularly large cruising areas.

Do you also have a preference for gay flap sex?